Bug fixes (2008-05-15-Thu)

The following are the bug fixes I completed on Thursday May 15th:

  • [4804] fixes the behaviour of the size formatter when asked format a size of exactly 512 bytes. It’s a pretty subtle bug, which I only managed to catch by luck by testing boundary cases. (512 is a magic constant in the function.)
  • [4807] fixes #1421. Works, but not sure if it’s absolutely correct.
  • [4813] fixes #1419. Seems right.
  • [4816] fixes #1374. Seems right, although it depends on how you choose to resolve ambiguous cases.
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One Comment on “Bug fixes (2008-05-15-Thu)”

  1. Blake Winton Says:

    Just a couple of comments:

    For #1421, are you sure that the empty object is ”, and not None?
    It might be cleaner to say:
    if not upload or not upload.filename:

    For #1419, do we require kwargs to contain a “description” key? What happens if the user doesn’t enter a description? (I’m worried about throwing a KeyError there.)

    For #1374, I agree with Jeff. It would be nice to add tests with every commit (as much as possible). Yeah, we don’t all do it all the time, but it’s a good habit to get into.

    Finally, congrats on getting so many tickets fixed! It’s good to see stuff getting done so quickly. :)

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