Roles and capabilities web editor

In goes a week of work, and presto: out comes the first working version of the web editor for roles and capabilities, being completed as of revision 4971 (changeset). Here is a screenshot for the visually inclined:

Edit roles and capabilities


  • Viewing the table (with real contents taken from the database, of course)
  • Adding a role based on an existing role
  • Updating the capabilities of a role
  • Removing roles
  • Detecting the addition of a role name that already exists
  • Detecting the addition of a blank role
  • Detection of a “based on” role that does not exist
  • A clean, easy-to-understand interface (but the table is really big)

To do:

  • Disable editing the “admin” and “empty” roles. Right now, no integrity is corrupted, but the error message is ugly and utterly incomprehensible.
  • When deleting a role, deal with users who still have that role in some project. Perhaps reset their role to “empty”.
  • Validate the names for new roles. ASCII-only? Length restrictions? Character restrictions (e.g. no space)?
  • Make empty or viewer as the default “based on”?
  • Make the names of the capabilities more user-friendly
  • Divide the two sections in a more visible way
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4 Comments on “Roles and capabilities web editor”

  1. Liz Says:

    Can you grab the name of the project you’re editing roles for and stick it in the title, too, maybe? (“Editing Roles and Capabilities for project _____”) Nice work!

  2. […] He’s already gotten a great start by implementing a role and capability manager. See his latest blog entry for more details on that. In discussing the design with Qiyu, I did have a cool idea for grouping […]

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