Work plans

Four weeks have come and gone. I spent the first few weeks setting up software, familiarizing myself with the DrProject codebase (particularly its core components) and with SQLAlchemy and Elixir, and discussing with our HCI expert Liz Blankenship. Other than that, my major accomplishment to date is the successful creation of a web interface for editing roles and capabilities.

There’s still plenty of summer left, and certainly no shortage of tasks either:

  • Going for the big prize: Redesigning the web interface for creating and editing users and projects. Involves planning, designing, coding, and user testing. I forecast this will take about 5 weeks.
  • Ensure that everything doable in the web admin is also doable through XML RPC…? (I’ve heard some nasty things about our RPC framework, though.) I think this will take 3 weeks.
  • Bug fixes, small features/enhancements, and refactorings.
  • Fixing I/O or database performance issues. I’ll have to get more detail on that.
  • Sipping iced tea on the balcony while enjoying the cool spring breeze.
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One Comment on “Work plans”

  1. Blake Winton Says:

    So, it’s been about three weeks, how’s the redesign of the web interface coming along? Is there any chance you could post some screenshots to show me what you’ve been up to?

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