The revised create users and create projects doublet

A picture is worth a few hundred thousand bytes, so without further ado, this is what’s new:

Although it isn’t apparent from the screenshot, a new memberships row (with “select a user/project” and “select a role”) is added whenever the final row is filled.

Compare these to the interfaces that we had before:

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4 Comments on “The revised create users and create projects doublet”

  1. […] Zhu is producing useful error reports and new screens for creating users and projects. […]

  2. Liz Says:

    Nice job with the projects page, it’s come along quickly! Don’t forget to remove the blurb about the All project on the create projects page. Also, can we move that blurb up to the top of the Project Memberships section on the create users page?

  3. Jeff Balogh Says:

    It took some thinking to see that each page has two distinct forms. Could you add some visual separation to help my little brain?

  4. qztxon Says:

    Oopsies. Obviously I’ve been self-plagiarizing. The superfluous message has been removed by [5630].

    I hope the increased spacing from [5631] makes things a little better.

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