Report error

This blog is the work of me, a mere human. I am not perfect (nor do I claim to be), but I wouldn’t mind trying to approach perfection.

If you find any errors in my blog posts, feel free to report them to me. You can do so by posting a comment at the blog post in error, or by any other method you can think of.

I can accept corrections for errors such as, but not limited to:

  • Spelling mistakes (e.g. adn → and; seperate → separate; wordpress → WordPress; UTF8 → UTF-8)
  • Editing mistakes (e.g. The quick over the lazy dog → The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog; The are two… → There are two; I too think so too → I think so too)
  • Factual mistakes (e.g. HTML was invented in 1998)
  • Excessively confusing sentences and paragraphs
  • Blog posts that make no sense
  • Broken outbound links
  • Wrongly marking or failing to mark code text using <code>

Thank you for understanding.


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